The Date

It was not often that Julie went out on dates. Now that she was in her thirties she had almost resigned herself to being single for the rest of her life. She enjoyed her own company had a good job and a nice house which she could afford and was happy. She was lucky to still have both her parents and some really caring siblings and she was happy. She sometimes had urges, as every girl does but she was happy to satisfy those herself.

She had a great friend, Carly, who was also single but always looking for a relationship. She had asked Julie if she could go on a double date with her because the guy she was seeing had a single friend and the guys wanted to see a particular movie together and she thought it would even things out if the two girls went rather than just her. Julie was happy to tag along, she enjoyed films and it sounded like it would be a good night out.

As the date approached, Julie and Carly went out shopping for new outfits. Julie was not that bothered about dressing really well as she did not have any expectations but it was nice to go out shopping and have fun and she ended up buying a nice tight jersey dress and some knee high boots, which she thought would be a nice outfit for quite a few occasions.

It was finally the night of the date and it was a lovely warm night so Julie could wear her dress and boots without bothering about tights or a sweater, Her and Carly arrived first and waited in the lobby for the men to arrive. Julies date was dark and tall and his name was Marcus and his friend was called Guy, who was also tall but blond. The men bought popcorn and cola while the girls powdered their noses and they met up again to go into the film together.

It was dark as they entered the auditorium and Marcus offered a gentlemanly hand to Julie to help her safely to her seat. They settled down and enjoyed the film. Carly and Guy kissed and spent a lot of time with their hands in each others laps. Marcus was a gentleman and did not even try to put his arm around Julie. When the film finished they decided to go for a drink back at Carly's flat. They had a good chat and Julie got to know Marcus better and found out that they had quite a lot in common. She also got a good look at him and was rather drawn to his good looks and was beginning to wonder whether he was worth pursuing.

It wasn't long before Carly and Guy were kissing again and Marcus started looking deeply into Julies eyes. She was getting rather turned on herself by seeing Carly and Guy getting intimate and so she smiled at Marcus and leant in for a kiss. Soon both couples were getting to know each other a whole lot better.

Once Carly and Guy noticed that Marcus and Julie were getting on so well, they decided to take things further and they were soon both topless with Guy sucking Carly's nipples. Julie slipped her hands under Marcus's shirt hoping that he might do the same to her, as seeing Carly being sucked made her want the same treatment.

As his tongue probed her mouth and his hands explored her body, Julie began to realise an ache inside her. A pain from needing to come, needing a hard cock inside her to make her orgasm really hard. She was soon ripping on Marcus's shirt and showering his chest with kisses before undoing the zip of his trousers with her teeth. She fumbled with his belt and soon had his trousers down and his cock in her mouth. She may not have had many relationships, but she knew what to do to please a man and he was soon hard in her mouth as she licked around his head and stroked up and down his shaft with her hand. Now he was ready she unzipped her boots and kicked them off and slid down her knickers. She was soon riding his cock, urgently pumping up and down on it, desperate for that orgasm to come. She looked across to see that Carly was on her hands and knees, now completely naked and Guy was thrusting in to her from behind. Seeing her friend like this made her even more horny and she pumped harder and harder until a massive orgasm crashed through her, making her gasp.

She knew that this had not been fair on Marcus so she seductively stripped off her dress and then took his cock in her mouth again and licked and sucked him. She wanted to make him come and knew just what he might like. She got on her hands and knees where he could see her and dipped her fingers inside her wet pussy scooping out some of the juices and spreading them over her butt hole. She did it again and again, pushing some in deeper with her finger and then she turned to him, offering her shining puckered hole for him to explore.

His cock was soon nestling at her tight entrance and he gently popped inside moving slowly so that she could open and get used to him being there. He was moaning and muttering 'so tight, so tight' as he started to move in and out of her. She was gasping too as it was a very long time since she had let a man inside this part of her. As his thrusts got faster and more urgent, she stuffed some fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. She was now shrieking with pleasure as her pumped her ass and her juices were pouring down her legs as she quivered and came just as he shot his load inside her.

She was fully satisfied now and looked across to Carly. She was still on her hands and knees so Julie decided to help her out. She had never done this to her friend but thought it would be welcome so she positioned herself underneath and sucked at her friends nipples and then licked her clit over and over again until she was close to coming. She then licked at Guys cock as it slammed in and out of her and he began thrusting more earnestly. He grunted as he was close to coming and Julie moved back to Carly's clitoris and touched it as softly as she could and she felt them both come hard, with a chorus of pleasurable moans.

Carly and Julie decided that they would go on a lot more double dates in the future.

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