The Club

Charlotte had recently ended a relationship and although it had not been a long term one, she had been very fond of the chap and was moping about it a bit. Her friends had decided that it was time that she cheered up a bit and had forced them to agree to go clubbing with them that night. Charlotte was not that keen really but she wanted to keep her friends happy and so had reluctantly agreed.

She wore her normal clubbing outfit which was a low cut black top and no bra, short skirt and long socks with high heeled shoes. She was short and slight and could pull off most outfits but she found that this one was quite comfortable and tended to draw a lot of attention. She was not really in the mood for attention but she knew that the girls would complain if she did not make her usual effort.

They arrived to pick her up, Emma in skin tight hot pants and a strappy top and Sasha in a mini dress with fishnet stockings. They had brought a bottle of wine with them and had a few drinks before they left and Charlotte began to relax a bit and decided that a good dance might be just the thing to help her to chill.

When they got to the club, they did not have to queue for long and they started dancing straight away. They were soon approached by a group of three lads who offered to buy them drinks and so they went off to the bar and had a few glasses with them. The lads were pretty good looking and Emma and Sasha were flirting a lot and Charlotte found herself joining in because she was getting a bit tipsy and also didn't want to spoil their evening. They paired off and danced together a bit and then Emma came over to Charlotte and explained that one of the lads had hired a private room in the club and thought they would all be more comfortable there.

Charlotte was not too sure but Sasha and Emma almost dragged her there and she sat on a sofa in the corner. It was not long before a giggling Emma had taken one of the guys cock and was sucking it hard. Sasha was snogging with the guy that she had paired off with and Charlotte realised that it was time for her and the other guy to get together.

She was not completely against the idea and watching the other two was making her feel rather horny so when he sat down next to her, she sat on his lap and began to rub herself on his cock. She was surprised that he was pretty hard already, watching the others must be turning him on. She turned around to see that Sasha was holding her dress up and was being licked out and Emma was now riding that cock that she had been sucking. She had not realised how much noise they were making before and hearing all that moaning and sucking was actually very erotic. Sasha was now holding out her tongue while her guy came in her face and Emma was having cum spurted all over her breasts.

Charlotte pulled down her top to reveal her naked breasts which had very erect nipples by now and forced one into the guys mouth. While he was busy sucking she reached down to undo the zip of his trousers. She pulled out his cock and stroked it a little, pleased with the length and girth. His hands were now up her skirt, forcing down her knickers and fingering her inside. She began to pump on his fingers so that he could tell that she was up for it and after spreading her juices all around her pussy he pushed his cock inside her. She was already close to orgasm now. Hearing her friends having so much pleasure and watching them both being sprayed with come had really turned her on and it only took a few strokes of his cock to make her come.

She climbed off him and took his cock in her mouth, tasting herself on him and then getting the flavour of his precum later. She was an expert at this and soon had him coming in her mouth. She looked round and found that her friends were lying on the floor recovering from their orgasms so she licked both of their guys clean before helping them up and getting ready to leave.

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