Susan was on her side on the sweat soaked bed with her right leg bent and sticking up in the air. She was ready for the hardcore shit to start!

Brenda slid down between Susan's spread thighs, keeping her on her side so her ass was exposed. Susan closed her eyes as Brenda rubbed the hard dildo mounted to her strap on along her wet slit. She let out a moan of pleasure as Brenda slid the hard head inside her and pushed the entire length inside of her

"How do you like that, baby?" asked Brenda.

"God!" whispered Susan as Brenda began to fuck her slowly, sliding the dildo in and out.

Nikki got onto the bed and moved behind Susan, parting her luscious cheeks with her hands. Then she pressed the head of the strap on she was wearing into Susan's tight asshole.

Susan let out a squeal as she felt the thick head penetrating her asshole. She moaned as Nikki thrust her body forward, working the greased dong into Susan's tight ass.

Meanwhile, Brenda kept fucking her way into Susan’s cunt, picking up speed as Nikki began pounding Susan’s tight rear chute. Both huge hard rubber cocks were now pulverizing Susan’s stretched holes in unison.

The two sluts went wild, pounding their hips against her as they hammered the two 10 inch shafts to the hilt of both holes.

Susan let out deafening squeals as her insides were being pulverized.

With the continued double-penetration pain that felt like she was literally being ripped apart, Susan went into uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy as her fluids began to over boil and started to erupt.

Blood curdling screams from her mouth filled the room as her cum exploded; Susan went into wild convulsions and passed out before her cunt was done trembling!

The dildo wielding crotches of her lovers began to orgasm as they kept fucking the now limp body sandwiched between them. They both pulled out and snatched off the strap ons and jumped into a 69 position on the other side of the king sized bed.

They sucked and licked each other clean till they both fell into deep sleep in each other’s arms with the unconscious Susan laying beside them in a pool of cunt juice mixed with blood!

Hours later the two stirred awake and went to the shower together.

Susan stayed passed out asleep till the next morning!

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